Allisun Swim is blessed to call the beautiful islands of Hawaii home. We have witnessed first-hand the damaging effects that single use plastics have caused to our planet.  In order to preserve these lands for future generations it is imperative that everyone is mindful of how their own behaviors can either help or hinder the preservation of our oceans and land.
Allisun Swim is committed to being a part of the solution when it comes to producing Earth friendly sustainable products.  Our brand is dedicated to never supporting raw paper or plastics manufacturing and actively ensures we only use recycled, reused, or biodegradable (compostable) materials in our manufacturing process.  
8 million tons of waste end up in our seas every single year including 640,000 tons of fishing nets that are abandoned at the bottom of the ocean. Such alarming data tell us that unless the situation changes, by 2050 our seas may contain more garbage than fish. Our swim line is produced using Carvico which is a high-end recycled fabric made from ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon derived from industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles.  ECONYL® is a new polyamide yarn boasting the same features as virgin nylon in terms of performance and quality, but with the added benefit of not having been produced with the use of non-renewable fossil raw materials.  Our eco-sustainable fabrics help to repurpose the waste destroying our oceans while still providing exceptional quality and comfort one would expect from fabrics made from virgin materials.
We package our swimwear in bags made from tapioca (cassava), a plant-based material that will degrade in any landfill or compost pile within a week.  Our shipping packages are all at the minimum 100% post-consumer recycled materials and we actively monitor ways to ship packages that minimize the CO2 impacts of air and land-based transport.  
When you purchase from Allisun Swim you can be confident in knowing that you are not contributing to practices that harm the environment.  It will take all of us to mālamaaina (care for the land) and mālama i ke kai (respect the ocean) to ensure we have these beautiful places for futures to come.